What to Expect

Is skydiving safe? Skydiving is an exciting extreme sport, and should be treated as such. Skydive Cumberland is veteran owned and operated, our professional instructors have thousands of jumps and years in the sport, and our first priority is safety. All of our instructors are certified with both the United States Parachute Association, and through United Parachute Technologies (the manufacturer of our equipment). If you have any questions about safety, please do give us a call at 240 389 5867 and we'll be happy to explain the finer points of skydiving safety.

What should I wear?Concerning attire for the adventure of a lifetime, please dress comfortably and weather appropriate. You can expect it to be a bit colder at altitude, so bring a sweater or jacket if you think you may need one. Comfortable shoes are a must; no high heels, sandals, or big boots with hooks for laces. How does it all work? Upon arrival at our location, we'll check you in and fill out the necessary paperwork. Once paperwork is complete, you'll be assigned a personal instructor who will take you through the duration of your stay with us. Your instructor will gear you up, and give you all of the training you'll need to conduct a safe skydive. This is the time to ask questions. We understand what it's like to skydive for the first time, and we're here to help you through it. Once trained and geared up, you and your instructor will board the airplane and the real fun begins!