About Skydive Cumberland

"The Dropzone Experience":
Skydive Cumberland is fundamentally different from the "dropzone norm" as we call it. Completing a skydive is a major accomplishment, and we want to celebrate with you! Most dropzones are volume oriented, and are only interested in shuffling you out the door following your jump. We see things a bit differently. After your jump, you are a member of the Skydive Cumberland family and are welcome to stay and enjoy the dropzone with us. Barbecuing, hanging with other jumpers, and discussing the days freefall is as much of a part of skydiving culture as the actual jumping. So come, conquer your fears, and enjoy the company of the only people on the planet that can appreciate what you've just accomplished!

Safety:Skydive Cumberland is veteran owned and operated, and takes safety very seriously. All of our instructors are certified as instructors with both the United States Parachute Association and "United Parachute Technologies" (The manufacturer of the equipment we use). We use United Parachute Technologies "Sigma" tandem equipment, which is regarded as the best in the industry, and you should expect nothing less. Our instructors have amassed thousands of jumps all over the world, and are committed to offering the safest, most exciting adventure and a friendly atmosphere.